Dimension Smart

In order to make the Anfa park experience even more exceptional and in tune with the times, the latter is thought of as an intelligent park combining the indelible human dimension and the technological dimension that is now indispensable.

Thus, Anfa Park has an infrastructure that makes it possible to centralize all the topics relating to :

  • Watering green spaces,
  • Security (videoprotection and anti-intrusion),
  • Lighting management,
  • Telemetry,
  • The different sensor solutions installed,
  • Cable television,
  • The sound system,
  • The dynamic display,
  • The fontainerie: (dry fountain, water channel and foggers).

This centralization is intended to guarantee rational and optimal management of all Anfa park infrastructures, thus enabling ease of management, energy savings and improved equipment sustainability, but above all the smart dimension guaranteeing a pleasant and user-friendly experience for visitors.