In Anfa Park, you are spoiled for choice for your sporting activities. You can join the many joggers and walkers or enjoy sports equipment available. Skate or petanque, Anfa Park offers spaces dedicated to sports and outdoor recreation. Access is at park opening times.

For lovers of running, Anfa Park offers the sports course, a jogging and walking course along a 1.5 km loop, supplemented by 5 areas of sports equipment. The start of the course is located north of the park, at the level of the reception building, then continues along the park’s outdoor pathways.

Five sports circuits of 150 m² each to train you. They are intended for different populations for various uses. You will find inclined planes to make abs, espaliers, parallel bars, cardio equipment or stretching, …

The health course area is equipped with 7 sports apparatus for seniors.

The area of ​​sports arches street workout offers 6 sports apparatuses intended for the practice of the street workout.

The three multipurpose sporting areas north, versatile central and multipurpose south are equipped with a total of 21 sports equipment dedicated to cardio training, bodybuilding and stretching. These spaces include sports equipment accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Plains of games dedicated to the practice of skate and petanque are arranged in the open air.

A skatepark on 5000 m² with four areas of evolution: the Street Plaza, the Flow, the Bowl, and the beginner’s area.

Download the Anfa Park mobile app to organize your competitions.

Two petanque areas are set up outdoors in the center of the park.

The pétanque area sports plateau and petanque fresh gardens each offer 3 petanque courts designed on a surface of 95 m² according to standards. Trees enhance these spaces and allow to take advantage of shaded spaces and facilitate the insertion landscape with the rest of the park. These spaces are freely accessible and can also host competitions.

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